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Our LCA -Software Certification course helps students and professionals to become a quality software professionals and to master Java technology.

Operational Period: Oct'2007 - Sep'2012

We have listed our top 25+ students who have scored above 90% in OCE (Oracle Certified Expert-Java SE 6 Programmer) Certification, which includes 7 CENTUM SCORERS. Top 25+ Scorers in OCE (Oracle Certified Expert - Core JAVA)

Student Scored
CENTUM - 100%

Students Secured
96% and above

Students Secured
90% and above


  • Customer Testimonails

    To say about LCA Course at BrevitySoft., This course helped me to get OCE(Oracle Certified Expert-Java Version 6) Certification. I am now strong in Java and all the credit goes to you. Thanks and Happy to be your student:):)

    Bharathi C System Engineer
  • Customer Testimonails

    When I joined the classes I did not know even C and C++ languages to compete with others. But U taught from basics... Now I can compete with others and say proudly I too know JAVA. Teaching were practical.. Thanks a lot BrevitySoft...

    Charles P System Engineer
  • Customer Testimonails

    Do not opt BrevitySoft if you want to learn Java but to learn how to develop applications in Java, you have many more institutes out in market. But if you want to know the language this is the 1 stop Java work shop available in. Development is not all about just coding but its about understanding the requirement and rendering solutions using your skills in that particular language. We were imparted real time practical knowledge and were given opportunity to understand the language from the scratch.

    Syed Imran Mohammed Software Engineer
  • Customer Testimonails

    BrevitySoft training give me a good steps to go up for my career. They teach Java from base to major topics by spoon feeding. Here i even get the knowledge of current affair of IT technology. Now I'm successfully placed in Syncfusion Pvt Ltd., as a Big Data Developer(R&D)

    Kaveen Rajan Big Data Developer(R&D)
  • Customer Testimonails

    To say about LCA Course at BrevitySoft., This course provided us practical Knowledge and prove our identity in corporate. Classes were very useful and people around were friendly and jovial so it was easy to get clarify the doubts that arise. I will suggest BrevitySoft for others so that they will be benefited.

    Bhagya Lakshmi Software Engineer
  • Customer Testimonails

    I am a BE-ECE stream student. I joined BrevitySoft with just the basic knowledge of C-Programming. So this implies that there is no specification of your stream required for joining BrevitySoft. I would personally and proudly tell that,.. If one who aspires to become a software programmer, your very first move should be "BrevitySoft" and consider it as job half done.. You leave BrevitySoft as an efficient java programmer.. Take my assurance...

    Karthik R System Engineer
  • Customer Testimonails

    Stepping into BrevitySoft was my best decision I ever made. Here you realize the true power of Team work. One tends to enjoy every process of class. They truly fill the gap required to excel in corporate. They believed in practical knowledge and so our training was built on priority to spend most of our time coding. The best part was discussion mode of training where I learnt most of my part(the more you ask, the more you know).I still want to sign in for another course.

    Sudhir Kumar Application Developer
  • Customer Testimonails

    Well, I would say We have learnt more than we Paid here...You Taught us all the basics like Spoon feeding...I knew no one will do that even when you pay higher... I am sure we all are Strong in CORE JAVA. No one can shake it.... Though Time is more precious than money, you have given your valuable time for us teaching Java entirely...not only Java , apart from that you have taught us a lot... THANKS is not enough to show my GRATITUDE, but all I can say is Thanks a lot BrevitySoft. I wish BrevitySoft to reach great heights....

    Dhivya S System Engineer

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